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Meet our NRT Team!



Chilson_thumbPhil Chilson

Director of the Center for Autonomous Sensing and Sampling and

Professor of Meteorology




Jennifer Koch

Assistant Professor of Land-Use and Land-Cover Change,

Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability





Kirsten de Beurs

Professor and Chair

Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability






Amy McGovern

Professor, School of Computer Science

Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Meteorology





Jeff Kelly

Corix Chair in Water and Sustainability
Director, Plains Institute

Professor, Department of Biology



Photographing happy people since 2006

Justin Reedy

Assistant Professor

Department of Communication and

Center for Risk & Crisis Management



Eli Bridge

Associate Professor

Oklahoma Biological Survey



JervisLori L. Jervis

Professor, Department of Anthropology

Director, Center for Applied Social Research



Jeremy D. Ross

Assistant Professor

Oklahoma Biological Survey


MvBMatthew Van Den Broeke

Assistant Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Nebraska Lincoln



jbJeff Buler

Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology

University of Delaware




Sara Mata

NRT Project Coordinator

Oklahoma Biological Survey



Contina_thumbAndrea Contina

NRT Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow

Oklahoma Biological Survey





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