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Graduate Certificate

Earth Observation Science for Society and Sustainability (EOS3 )


EOS3 is an interdisciplinary graduate certificate program consisting of a four-course sequence. The certificate emphasizes integration of natural and social sciences approaches to data exploration and visualization while building student competency in interdisciplinary team leadership and communication. The EOS3 certificate produces graduates who are the best in their area of expertise with an overview of effective research skills across disciplines. These transformative interdisciplinary research efforts prepares students to engage with real research, development, and innovation with government and private industries, providing an increased marketability in both academic and nonacademic careers.


Why should you get an EOS3 certificate?


WT-Learn interdisciplinary skills
working with instructors and students from diverse departments.

-Build your resume
coursework emphasizing tangible skills contribute to interdisciplinary team efforts.

-Acquire analytical skills
with instruction on and engagement with “big data” concepts.

-Make a difference NOW
help solve real-world sustainability challenges requiring interdisciplinary teamwork.


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